Next Generation Fund
CryptoMix Price
Fund yields
Amount of fund
69 405
CryptoMix Price
Fund yields
Amount of fund
CryptoMix Price
Fund yields
Amount of fund
CryptoMix Price
Fund yields
Amount of fund
4 101 934
CryptoMix Price
Fund yields
Amount of fund
4 717.05
What is CryptoMix?
Crypto Fund
investing in projects with a x10 growth potential
Digital Tokens
with an intrinsic value provided with a strong portfolio of crypto-currencies and mining hardware
in the field of investment in technology projects with huge growth potential
with more than 10 years of investment experience
Everyone can buy Bitcoin
Now it's the same as buying the dollar or stocks. However, statistically 90% of new investors lose their money in the financial markets
Why CryptoMix?
Wide portfolio diversification
The portfolio consists of several dozen carefully selected crypto assets
Low Entry Threshold

You can buy one token from 1 $

in the equivalent of waves at the current exchange rate

Reliability of the system
tokens are stored on your personal purse in the block system, access to which is only for you
High liquidity

we support the quotation as

for purchase and for sale,

which gives you the opportunity to enter or

exit the project at any time

A proven risk management system

portfolio management system

risk management, proven

in classical markets

Transparency of funds

detailed project reporting,

confirmed by the system

is in the public domain on our website

Own Mining Pool

part of the fund's assets goes to purchase/p>

new equipment, which gives a permanent

increase in the number of critical assets in the portfolio

Round-the-clock monitoring of the portfolio

we are constantly monitoring the situation

On the market and ready at any time

hold bargains

Fund performance
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Fund strategy
Investment in crypto-currencies

We choose the most interesting for

crypto-currencies with high potential

growth in value


Risk-free transactions of simultaneous

purchase and sale on different exchanges

ICO & Token Assets

Investments in new projects with

a x10 growth potential


Investment in mining hardware to generate

a stable flow of crypto currencies

Road map
2017, August

Launch of the



Establishment of the Fund.

Issue of 1 mln CryptoMix Tokens


Distribution of the

CryptoMix Tokens

among citizens of

post-Soviet countries


SCO, Issue of 10 mln

CryptoMix Tokens


Fund incorporation

in Singapore


SCO, Issue of 100 mln

CryptoMix Tokens


Creation of the ETF,

listing at the world's

largest stock exchanges

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OUR Team
Sergey Suslikov
Managing partner

A private investor, an expert in the promotion of Internet projects. Since 2006, it has formed portfolios based on the company's fundamentals. From 2011 to 2016 Sergey was engaged in the development and promotion of Internet portals of financial subjects (such as, 2.0 (former In the project CryptoMix Sergey is engaged in the selection of investment ideas and the promotion of the project.

Evgeny Trishin
Managing partner

Financial expert, expert in technical analysis and development of algorithmic trading systems. Since 2007, specializes in trading derivatives. Evgeny has many years of experience in large companies to organize customer service. In the project Сryptomix Evgeny is responsible for operational management, development and implementation of a short-term development strategy. Responsible for the relationship between the holders of the tokens and the fund.